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University of Sussex Economics | Bachelor's level

Climate Change Economics

25 Jan 2021 — 28 Apr 2021

A comprehensive introduction to the economics of climate change, discussing
1. The science of climate change
2. Scenarios and options for emission reduction
3. Costs of greenhouse gas emission reduction
4. Policy instruments for emission reduction
5. Impacts and adaptation
6. Economic impacts and the social cost of carbon
7. Climate and development
8. Optimal climate change and time discounting
9. Uncertainty and equity
10. International environmental agreements: Theory
11. International environmental agreements: Practice


Environmental economics

Class sessions (GMT+00:00) London
  • Monday, 10:00 AM— 10:50 AM
  • Monday, 12:00 PM— 12:50 PM
  • Wednesday, 10:00 AM— 11:50 AM

Professor Dr Richard S.J. Tol
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