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LUMSA Economics | Master's level

International Economics / European Values in the Global Economy

05 Oct 2021 — 16 Dec 2021

The course aims to allow students to master the key topics in international economics; providing them the basis for further economics courses; making them familiar with the instruments needed to tackle the chief international economics issues, often subject of everyday worries. All that is linked to the specificity of European values and to the urgency of promoting a sustainable transition.


Essential pre-requisites to the course are: (i) a good knowledge of the English language, the teaching language of this course, respectively B1+ or B2 according to the study program chosen, and (ii) having taken a base course in macroeconomics (with a passing grade).

Grading scale

From 0 (minimum) to 30 with honors (maximum). Minimum passing grade is 18 out of 30.

Graded components

Lessons, courseworks, tests and exams are available online. Grade components are: Online individual test, taking online quizzes in class, (optional) team work and (optional) flipped class. The individual test consists in answering 3 questions during an online oral exam. On average one (online) quiz with multiple answers is given in each lesson: a rate of participation and an answer score above the respective median earn a bonus of +1 point for each one of the two factors. After the first 3-4 course weeks, the teacher subdivides the class in working groups of max 5 students. The team work consists in realizing a short presentation (20 minutes circa) and a paper (minimum 15 pages). Team work topics will be agreed during the course; the presentations will be delivered in front of the class at the Presentation Day (in the last week of the course). Final papers must be handed in one week before the first written exam session, in early January. After the working groups are formed, the teacher offers each group to give a lesson of the course in flipped class modality and the groups which accept receive a bonus of +1. The final grade is given by the weighted average between the grade of the team work (with weight 0.25) and the individual oral exam (with weight 0.75) to which the possible bonuses are added. For the students who do not participate in the team work, the individual exam determines 100% of the final grade. Both the weighting with the vote of the team work and the addition of the bonuses can take place only if the student gets at least 18/30 in his/her individual final exam.

Class sessions (GMT+01:00) Rome
  • Tuesday, 06:00 PM— 07:30 PM (Lecture)
  • Wednesday, 12:00 PM— 02:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Wednesday, 04:00 PM— 06:00 PM (Office Hours)
  • Thursday, 11:30 AM— 01:00 PM (Lecture)

Full Professor of Economics Giovanni Ferri
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