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Panskura Banamali College Economics | Bachelor's level

Development Economics

01 Dec 2021 — 31 May 2022

This course is distributed over two modules. The first module begins with a discussion of alternative conceptions of development and their justification. It then proceeds to aggregate models of growth and cross -national comparisons of the growth experience that can help evaluate these models. The axiomatic basis for inequality measurement is used to develop measures of inequality and connections between growth and inequality are explored. The course ends by linking political institutions to growth and inequality by discussing the role of the state in economic development and the informational and incentive problems that affect state governance.
The second module begins with basic demographic concepts and their evolution during the process of development. The governance of communities and organizations is studied and this is then linked to questions of sustainable growth. The course ends with reflections on the role of globalization and increased international dependence on the process of development.


Basic knowledge of mathematics, statistics and Economics

Grading scale

"pass / fail"

Graded components

Gradation will be based on the whole coursework. Questions will be multiple choice type. 50% will be needed to pass.

Class sessions (GMT+05:30) Kolkata
  • Monday, 08:00 PM— 09:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Wednesday, 08:00 PM— 09:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Saturday, 08:00 PM— 09:00 PM (Lecture)

Associate Professor (Dr.) Sugata Sen
Mode of Participation
Active & Silent
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