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ETH Zurich Engineering (Mechanical) | Bachelor's level

Introduction to Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics

25 Feb 2021 — 03 Jun 2021

An introduction to finite deformation continuum mechanics and nonlinear material behavior. Coverage of basic tensor- manipulations and calculus, descriptions of kinematics, and balance laws . Discussion of invariance principles and mechanical response functions for elastic materials.


Basic courses in linear algebra and calculus are required to follow the course. Further, a first course in continuum mechanics (basic notions of stress, strain, static equilibrium and kinematic relations) is advantageous.

Class sessions (GMT+01:00) Zurich
  • Thursday, 10:00 AM— 12:00 PM
  • Thursday, 12:00 PM— 01:00 PM

Dr. Raoul Hopf
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