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Karolinska Institutet Medicine (Human) | Master's level

Global health

05 May 2021 — 04 Jun 2021

Introduction to global health.

In this 5-week course in global health at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Global Public Health, we will learn the basics about global health from faculty from Karolinska as well as international partners. We will also take a look at the Covid-19 pandemic from a global health perspective. The course includes lectures, a few seminars and some coursework. Since the course is fully online, we are happy to receive international students to enrich the discussions and share their perspectives. A full schedule will be provided for students accepted to the course.


Please write a short motivation why you want to take this course, and indicate whether you will be able to take part in most lectures and seminars, or only part of them during the 5 weeks the course is running.

Class sessions (GMT+01:00) Stockholm
  • Monday, 08:30 AM— 12:15 PM (Lecture)
  • Tuesday, 08:30 AM— 03:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Wednesday, 08:30 AM— 12:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Thursday, 08:30 AM— 03:00 PM (Lecture)
  • Friday, 08:30 AM— 12:00 PM (Lecture)

Associate Professor Helena Nordenstedt
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