Frequently Asked Questions


We connect students from low- and middle-income countries with professors from everywhere. Students can participate in the classes offered by these professors remotely and free of charge. They do not receive official grades. They add diversity and interesting new perspectives to the class, which will benefit both them and the regular students.

For Teachers

Information on how to offer spots on your courses to students.

For Students

Information on how to apply for and participate in courses.

I’m a student. How can I participate?

You can browse a list of available classes here. Once you have found a class that you would like to take, you can check whether it still has open slots and you fulfill the prerequisites. If you do, you can apply to participate in the class. The professor will inform you whether your application was successful. If you are admitted to the class, you will receive information about how to participate.

What technical equipment do I need?

You need a computer with an internet connection, webcam, microphone, and the videoconferencing software used in the class (usually Zoom). For written materials you are likely to need the free Acrobat PDF Reader.

Do I need a high school diploma/Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree to participate?

No. There may, however, be specific requirements for your course of choice, e.g. having previously taken classes on certain topics. For example, a development economics class might require a previous class in microeconomics. The requirements for each course are listed on the course website.

Which countries are eligible for participation?

You can participate if you are a citizen or a permanent resident of a low- or middle-income country. Those who are both citizens AND residents of a low- or middle-income country receive priority in the application. We will conduct random spot checks of registered students to ensure you provided accurate information during the application. A list of eligible countries is at the bottom of this website:

When will I be informed if my application to participate in a course has been accepted?

This will depend on the professor and the admissions process they choose. If you haven’t heard back 3 days before the start of the course, you can send us an email. Please DO NOT email the professor; we want to keep their workload low.

What is expected of me when I participate as a student?

By applying to and participating in a course, you are taking up one of a small number of slots. We therefore expect you to take your application and participation seriously. In particular, we expect you to only apply if you meet the prerequisites; if you are committed to participating fully in the course if admitted; and to attend all lectures, do all readings, and complete all homework and exam assignments.

How can I drop a course?

If you can’t continue to participate in a course, please email the professor and us. We hope that this will be rare, however; you should decide before you apply for the course if you can fully commit to the course. It’s important that you don’t “ghost” us or your professor.

I did well in the course. Can I receive a grade?

You are not participating in the course officially, so you cannot receive official university credit. However, in some courses, your professor will issue a letter of participation and a grade, and if you pass the course you will receive a congratulatory letter from the President of the International Economic Association. These courses have been vetted by the RSE team and the International Economic Association. The courses that have this option are marked as such on the list of courses.